DENVER — During Hillary Clinton’s campaign stop for Sen. Mark Udall Monday, the former senator and first lady jokes that a leaf design for a latte looked like a marijuana plant.

Clinton and Udall were at a coffee shop at Union Station in Lower Downtown.  The barista drew designs in the milk of their lattes.

Clinton marveled at the pig drawn on her latte and then turned to the leaf on Udall’s.

“And look at you. You got like a plant,” Clinton said. “Is that a marijuana plant?”

“That’s exactly what it is,” the barista said.

Both Clinton and Udall laughed heartily.

Marijuana has been legal in Colorado since this year.

Clinton’s husband President Bill Clinton famously answered that he tried pot, but “didn’t inhale” and never tried it again.

And in a CNN townhall this summer, the former secretary of state recognized the benefits of medicinal marijuana, but said there hasn’t been enough research on the plant.