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What are marijuana concentrates and how are they used?

Concentrates are substances in which the more desirable properties of cannabis, namely cannabinoids and terpenes, have been isolated. There are many cannabis concentrates in a variety of formats and textures. Non-active forms of concentrate need to be heated to experience their effects. Concentrates with active cannabinoids, usually distillate, are infused into edibles, tinctures, and topicals to provide effects without the application of heat.

Concentrates, including wax, shatter, and extracts, are a novel way to utilize cannabis’s best supplement and get fast-acting effects.

Broad-spectrum CBD waxes offer a wide array of flavorful CBD. Shatters from hemp isolate can be dabbed solo on a rig, using a concentrate device, or even sprinkled onto your favorite bowl blend to bring about the full entourage of cannabinoids working harmoniously together.

To summarize, Concentrates, commonly are exactly that — a concentrated substance created from marijuana plants that provides a more immediate, more intense effect for THC consumers.

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