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Marijuana is having a lot of firsts lately. As a writer, I revel in receiving professional emails with subjects like “marijuana commercial,” which happened recently when we did a piece on the first marijuana commercial to appear on major television networks. Now, it’s time for marijuana’s first job fair.

On Thursday, March 13, a vaporizer company called O.penVAPE will be hosting a marijuana-based job fair in Denver with over a dozen other weed industry companies. And the jobs might not be as stereotypically stoner as you’d think. Yes, there will be jobs like weed trimming and cultivating for the dispensaries and their suppliers, but there will also be jobs like a web developer and graphic designer for companies like O.penVAPE that don’t deal with marijuana directly.

The marijuana industry is growing, and it’s creating a lot of jobs and economic fire. According to Arcview Market Research, the market will grow to a $10.2 billion industry in the next four years. Colorado’s first day of legal weed alone accrued $1 million in sales. The state-approved 348 business licenses for selling marijuana before the law even went into effect, which means O.penVAPE certainly isn’t the only company hiring.

You may just be good at accounting or designing little logos that go on weed baggies, but you can at least know you’re part of a growing industry that’s never existed quite like it does now.  Your new weed industry employer might not let you smoke a jay at work, but maybe they’ll give you a discount so you can take some home.

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