MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — In about a month, Uruguay’s revolutionary new cannabis law will go into effect. In addition to allowing citizens to grow, buy and sell weed, the government will also set forth on its mission to grow its own fields of marijuana, which will then be harvested, taxed and sold in neighborhood pharmacies.

At least, that’s the theory.

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But growing weed takes a while. Cultivating fields of it, figuring out how to keep the fields safe from poachers, harvesting vast amounts of cannabis, packaging it, taxing it, distributing it and selling it take even longer.

Long story short: Uruguay’s government is not going to be producing much of its own cannabis any time soon. So, where is the official stash going to come from in the meantime?

Maybe Canada.

According to senior-ranking officials in the ruling Broad Front Party, including Sen. Lucia Topolansky, who’s also Uruguay’s first lady, Canadian medical marijuana producers could provide this tiny Latin American nation with a stopgap until it figures out how to grow and harvest its own crop.

“To start with, we will have to buy cannabis,” Topolansky said in an interview last week. “I think that we’re going to buy it from Canada, because that’s where the best quality is.”

o be clear: This is still just an idea. Neither country has announced a deal to ship pot from Vancouver to Montevideo. A spokeswoman for Health Canada wrote by email, “There are currently no plans to encourage the export of cannabis to Uruguay or any other country.”

But could it happen?

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