If it seems like a new state is legalizing cannabis nearly every week, don’t worry, you’re not high — states are indeed legalizing the drug at an unprecedented pace. The wave of green legislation doesn’t seem like it’s going to start ebbing anytime soon, either.

In just the past six months, every cannabis-related ballot measure put to voters last November passed — including those in conservative Mississippi, Montana, and South Dakota — and state legislatures in New York, New Mexico, and Virginia have approved bills to legalize cannabis for recreational use. That’s a lot of action. So much so, in fact, that there are now fewer states that have not legalized THC for either medicinal or recreational purposes (13), than there are that have given their residents a green light to smoke up at their leisure (17).

It’s now a question of when, not if, politicians in Washington, D.C., will get with the program and decide to do what the majority of Americans support by passing legislation to end federal prohibition once and for all. 

Curious about the status of cannabis? Here’s where legalization stands, state by state…

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